Nephilim and the Sons of God

It’s been some time since I updated my blog – all too many things happening at once!

Well, since my last update I have been reading this brilliant piece of theological essay on the topic of the Nephilim, and how the there are different understandings of the term: who they are, what they mean, and how these “beings” fitted into the Biblical timeline.

The topic was of immense interest to me, as you may well have guessed. I have always taken Genesis 6:1-2 to mean the Fallen Angels out of the Great Rebellion mingled with the daughters of humanity, and out of those unions came the suprahuman beings of old, those who have made their ways into the tales and myths that we take as creation stories and classical mythologies today.

I had not read much on the subject prior to penning my novel, and perhaps if I had read more widely, some details may have changed, but this book was a refreshing read.

The book (on my Kindle) was supportive of this assumption, and laid out arguments in a rational and systematic manner. I love writing of this type.

It got me thinking. We like to think that in our “modern age” we are aware of most things and know most things. I can just hear the Heavenly realms laughing at us feeble humans with our delusions of grandiosity – our blissful ignorance. There is so much in our world we do not understand, so many things that do not fit into our neat little boxes we call “logic”. These things scare us, and we happily dismiss them as “illogical” or “outliers” and disregard them to go back into our cloisters of comfort and delusion.

We so readily put forward opinions and confuse them as “fact”; we make assumptions about life and confuse them with “truth” – in all our folly we are a mess. But what if all our logic is incomplete? What if things we cannot “make sense of” points to higher logic?

The Bible points to people in ancient times hold immensely advanced knowledge, pointing also to a civilization so unbelievably talented – an Atlantis if you will – and yet so foolish in their pride that they offended God so much that they had to be destroyed. All knowledge comes from God, and in their pride they refused to acknowledge their source – the ultimate plagiarism.

And it is out of this very picture that Evanna’s world comes to life, her lineage from the Nephilim was born, an amazing world advanced and yet wonderfully in tune with the land.

So, if you have enjoyed the journey with Evanna, how about examining the source text again? One line in the Bible inspired a book – but another line may yet bring new life. Jesus’ claims and His work from the same book may be the very thing you are a looking for – the source of Life, the Creator and the Author of all the stories on the Earth.


~ by alta6060212 on January 12, 2013.

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