Australia Day 2013

So we celebrate Australia Day Down Under.26th January is the day all Australians come together in our national identity.
I was somewhat hesitant to say “Happy Australia Day”. After all, a country — any country was built on unnumbered sacrifices. Some of these are valiant, stands that heroes take to defend values and standards. Many men and women sacrificed their lives in war, in labour and in quiet service for the good of this country.
Some sacrifices are less glorious, the unwitting by-product of a proud and inconsiderate group bent on conquest and land, rather than compassion and humanity. To the men and women who come in the “name of God” and yet do terrible things in vanity, happy to use the name of God as an excuse to enforce acts of brutality and discrimination, yet refusing to bow before a Holy God – the creator of all humankind who hates such discrimination and cruelty – refusing to espouse the very values of compassion and love that God establishes as the very foundations of His Kingdom.

There are many wrongs in our past to be undone, many things to atone for. Australians believe in a fair go for all – and it shall start here in our backyard.

We have an awesome country, that many are proud to call home – but let us not forget the lessons from the past. God Bless Australia.

~ by alta6060212 on January 26, 2013.

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