Returning to Itticca

It seems I have not logged in for quite some years! How the world has changed!

Since my last post some years have passed. Here’s a recap:

  • 2014 BookPal Australia collapsed, leaving my book out of circulation
  • 2014-2017 were years of almost completely dropping any creative endeavours – at least on the writing front – as we (those shafted by the BookPal collapse) organised ourselves on Facebook and tried to sort out the liquidation of BookPal and decide who to go with next
  • 2018 I decided I needed to revitalise the manuscript and retry with Xlibris
  • 2019 I republished with Xlibiris
  • 2020 – Year of Glory – Australian Bushfires and the Global Pandemic
  • 2021 – here we are…

During my hiatus from this work, I have started another writing project – one about an off-world adventure and trying out a different type of writing style.

And now, as the title suggests I have returned to Itticca once again, because I have been fighting writing the prequel story for quite some years now – and it is a complete story inside my head.

I have not yet decided whether I want the “prequel” to be a private work or whether it will end up being a published work. Either way it is fun to be writing again.

I don’t know about you but I don’t sleep very well when stories are telling themselves to me. Weeks of build up and now I have two writing projects on the go. And in these projects I can invest some energy. Sleep only comes when I put these swirling stories on paper. And when they come, they come.

I will endeavour to post more here as well as on my Facebook page. Until next time 🙂

Karen xx


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