The first step of a journey…

Hi, my name is Karen Lee and I am the author of “Blue Scorpion – Last Flight of the Ancients”

I decided to start this blog to document the journey of self-publishing, and perhaps in time to share some of the thoughts and lessons from this journey.

I have been working on this story close on 15 years on and off, although my interest in writing as a hobby extended even further back than that. Perhaps as an only child, it was a form of self-expression that resonated with me. Something about crafting a story, bringing fragments of one’s experience, perception and dreams together, is quite an adventure. And I have enjoyed that adventure.

Perhaps a bit about myself:

I was born in Hong Kong and am now an Australian Citizen, married and living in beautiful Sydney. I have hermit crabs as pets (I really wanted a cat but hubby said no) and I am a Christian.

In my day job, I work in a busy National Office of a professional association as an administration officer (titles are unimportant anyway – it’s not my specific title but it’ll do for the purposes of this blog hehe). I have previously worked in National Administration for an International Aid and Development Agency. My tertiary background is in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I trained as a Speech Pathologist (didn’t like it enough to graduate with the degree). I am also on the equivalent of the Church Board at my regional church.

My dream when I was younger was to be an author and a jewellery designer. Well, I guess I got half my wish!

I hope I can take you along with me too.


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