I am Australian…

Any storyteller has a story of their own to tell.

So perhaps a brief introduction will help set up some of the themes the you may find being woven throughout the story I have to tell too.

Born in Hong Kong, I was adopted into a family where I was an only child. I make no real secret of this fact – my biological parents could not keep me, and by God’s Providence I have been given to my family now.

I am Chinese by ethnicity (however I get mistaken for all sorts in Hong Kong, the place of my birth which is funny) and moved to Australia at a young age, returning to Hong Kong for my Primary School studies then returning to Australia again for my High School and University Education. I call myself an Aussie because this is home. And hubby and I are both quite settled here in Oz.

I developed an interest in writing at a young age — through boredom, mainly, and endless hours of trying to entertain myself (I didn’t do video games/gameboy etc.) I found writing and drawing to be my best outlet.

I have written many stories that probably won’t see the light of day (mostly for my own amusement), but I would say this one is the one piece that really says it all. I suppose I wrote chiefly for my own pleasure, and not entirely for the assessment of others. But with the decision to put it out there, I am inviting others into this world.

Perhaps in the next posts I would elabourate more on this particular story…


~ by alta6060212 on December 8, 2011.

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