A Decision to “Go-Aussie” – with BookPal Australia

Every storyteller who wants their story told faces up to this one little obstacle – the Publishing Journey.

For me, the self-publishing route was a very personal one. Not only did I not want to surrender the copyright of the book to anyone else (just because the story was such a personal journey); I really wanted it done by an Australian company.

Most authors/artists would say that one must start overseas – and for a while it seemed that all the major publishing houses are in fact, overseas companies with some Australian Offices – even some of the self-publishing houses. For a while I was tempted in every direction and knocked on many doors. None of them satisfied the questions I was asking. I found a few Australian self-publishing houses but they seemed to specialise in a different sort of genre.

So I decided to jump onto the Australian Publishers’ Association website and had a quick click around – and found BookPal Australia, a Queensland-based self-publishing company that appeared to do what I needed to have done. An Australian self-publishing company with an Australian ABN Registration and registered with the Australian Publishers’ Association. That was the point at which I felt safe to proceed.

At this point my journey with them for this book is not yet over. I am still awaiting the final printing of the book, and the Media Release etc – the final stages so to speak of this initial process. I will say that my experience with the staff at BookPal have been positive overall, they were extremely helpful and quite professional to date of their handling of all my inquiries. I have received almost everything to date on time.

Waiting is always hard, and I will update this blog when things are ready. For now, I will wait patiently on the hand of the Lord.


~ by alta6060212 on January 23, 2012.

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