A Question of Promotion…

Many people (my parents included) asked me why I did not spend a bit more time and effort into marketing the work.

The answer is a bit of a complicated one.

1. The issue of cost:
I had looked into doing postcards to “market” the book to a wider audience, and the cost is upwards of $2K (AUD) and frankly I don’t have that sort of spare cash lying around. Marketing just feels like another big project and so much maintenance work needs to come out of that – that the lazy side of me said that on top of my full time job and voluntary stuff and a household to keep – I really did not want to take that on at a large-scale level. If anything I would do my own promotion small-scale, in-house.

2. A Word of Mouth Consideration:
Perhaps I’m an optimist but I am a believer in the power of word-of-mouth and to me it is a test of the quality of the work as to how far it goes without a huge push.

3. The Power of Providence:
God is ultimately the promoter and inspirer of this work, and perhaps in my human limitations, I would do a lot better to let Him do the promotions and the moving of hearts towards the book to those He intends to pick up. In that light I am not entirely worried about the success or failure of the book, but what our God will have happen will happen in due course. I do not see that it is fatalism or a letting go of one’s destiny – I have put a considerable amount of work into this piece myself according to the ability God has given me – but the outcome of such investment is not in my hands. This frees me from having to control or worry about the final result and liberates my time and energy to continue investing in lives that God has brought to me and my household.

So, there we go – let us see where the adventure takes us!


~ by alta6060212 on February 4, 2012.

One Response to “A Question of Promotion…”

  1. That’s a ceraivte answer to a difficult question

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