“Blue Scorpion – Last Flight of the Ancients”, A Sneak Peak

Let me tell you a story. Come, sit around the lounge, make yourself comfortable on the beanbag and enjoy your coffee.

A long, long time ago, in a world before the Floods of Judgement of the Old World, there were mountains and valleys many, many times more beautiful than they are today. The trees grew larger and greener, and the ground was rich and fertile. The earth was young, and the air was fresh, and everything grew quickly and lived long. Great civilisations flourished in this world, with technologies that far exceeded that of our own present age.

In this world we join the journey of a young woman, Evanna, as she slept on the floor of a hut in the Simasian outpost of Drone. Round about the same time the previous night, she was in the Mountains, making her way into greater civilisation to commence a new life and a new adventure. Now she slept on the floor of a dusty, crumbling home of an old man and his wife, who had been attacked by bandits on their way home. And Evanna, rather unexpectedly had gotten involved in the commotion. It was all quiet outside until  stealthy footsteps approached. In the moments that followed, Evanna was catapulted into the monotonous life of a labourer in Drone as she became the new lady blacksmith in the outpost. In the apparent subdued atmosphere of the outpost something was brewing.

But the hand of the Most High was moving in a different direction. Rumours of a lady blacksmith travelled through the outposts towards the City of Simas, and brought back with it a grand, new opportunity to serve in the Palace of Simas following a visit from two strangers from the City. Sensing her time in the outpost was up, Evanna took the invitation to work in the Palace on a commission for the King’s Birthday. She was admitted into the company of the High Knights of Simas, and as she worked her commission, the High Knights took care of her as one of her own. The ever-attentive Sir Endor was by her side; while Sir Torias the Strummer and Sir Matthias the newly-knighted champion of the Northern Border kept her constant company. And in the City of Simas, an old beggar sat at the gates of the Palace, keeping watch.

The King’s Birthday came and went, and the mood of the Palace shifted markedly with news of the impending diplomatic visit from a princess of the neighbouring country, Adar. Simas and Adar had long tolerated each other with a treaty made many years ago binding them into an uneasy peace. The final piece of the treaty was the union of the Prince of Simas and the princess of Adar, a union that not many in Simas looked forward to. Slowly, pieces from events in Drone started to fall into place and Evanna realised that the arrival of Princess Zhora would bring her face to face with her past, and the legacy which had been thrust onto her since the day she was born.

How strong was a mother’s love for her child, that it left a legacy for the Kingdom that was destroyed. The road would lead Evanna full circle, all the way back to face her mother’s murderer. She had to decide whether or not to return to the faithful remnant of her own people in the Mountains, or to let them slumber into the forgetfulness of Time. And ultimately, it would lead her to confront an ancient enemy most thought had perished in the last war in the very city where the story began.


Well, that’s a sneak peak anyway… 🙂 hope this whets your appetite a little! ;D


~ by alta6060212 on February 7, 2012.

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