History, Myths, Legends and it could all just be true…

Ever been captured by the legends of an ancient civilization that predates even our own written history – an advanced civilization that had all the technology to build the incredible, phenomenal structures that Archeologists are puzzled by even today, and engineers with today’s supposedly advanced technology could barely replicate?

Ever wondered what happened to the supposed Atlantis – a land supposedly greater than Asia and Africa put together in its land mass?

Have you ever wondered about the legends of Greeks and Romans and the mythologies of the East about heros and giants and more-than-human beings? What of the pattern of megafauna and the fossils of Giant Reptilian Creatures whose bones are strewn across the lands of the world? And the tales of dragons and serpents and enormous birds?

What of the Great Flood that carried Noah and the Ark?

We are often too quick to dismiss these as tales and figments of the imagination. Too quick to put our glasses on and forget that we do not have all the information.

We tend to think of these events as broken, unconnected facts of history and remnants of myths and legends. But perhaps they are more fragments of a broken pot – that do not seem to fit together simply because we do not have all the pieces. But perhaps they do fit. And for me, the Old Book – the Bible brings all the pieces together in a picture of possibility. While I do not have all the history, and the Bible is not explicit about all these little minute details about dragons and dinosaurs or Atlantis – if one read closely, these things are not foreign to the world of the writers of the Bible.

Dragons and Dinosaurs and a Covenant of Creation

Great beasts were known to the prophets of old, famous references to the Leviathan and the Behemoth in the Book of Job (Job 40:15-18; 41:1) are well-known to English scholars who have taken the time to study the texts of this great book. Such creatures must have existed alongside humans when the world was young.

We have a world strewn with the fossils of such giants, created with so much power and strength and majesty that we look at their bones and are taken with awe. We are taken by movies made of such creatures and are taken with imagining their origins and lifestyles – not primitive by any stretch of the imagination – what if they were once ours to observe?

And what of those moving accounts of unusual friendships between creatures – the lion and the goat that lived side by side happily; or the horse-whisperer who could tame a wild steed into a gentle friend? Echoes of our very purpose as stewards of a harmonious creation still resound in our souls. We want to replace harmony and caretakership with training and a sense of control – but that power is not ours to take – it is God’s to give. The Creator put the creatures there to teach us; and He put us here to take care of them. They were never meant to kill. Death was never meant to be Natural.

I believe our interest is because a part of our Created humanity still recall that God made all things beautiful and logical and good. What has occured to our souls that have allowed us to settle fof second-best? To accept Death somehow as Natural? No – it has never been designed to be Natural – its origins are Supernatural and WE are the cause of its coming into being.

Heroes and Giants

A single line in the Bible bears a clue to the existence of supra-human creatures which are referred to as “Nephilim” (Genesis 6:4) that intertwined with the bloodlines of humans. Stories that gave rise to Beren-and-Luthien type tales of Lord of the Rings renown come from accounts such as these. These stories capture our hearts because somewhere in our own history and lineage – those were our stories. Perhaps the mythologies are not as mythological as we think. Perhaps there is a grain of truth in there – maybe not ALL truth, but certainly not complete imagination.

Kingdoms and Ancient Thrones

Oh the romance of discovering a lost world! Those discovery channel documentaries about ancient findings of civilizations unknown! Ahh, the very shadow of Atlantis is on our hearts. A Kingdom – or perhaps kingdoms – lost forever in the oblivion of Time from a mysterious event in History.

Perhaps not so mysterious. Genesis 6 goes on to recount how the whole world was judged by the Deluge of God for its rebellion towards God, who created them and gave them life, intelligence, incredible creativity (to build cities, and discover music and engineering etc) to the distortion of all the good gifts that have been given them for things that hurt one another, that exploited and damaged and destroyed. The Bible stands solid on the account of the Great Flood – it is no mere hint that God does not like being snubbed. Don’t believe me? Go and check it out 🙂

The land of Simas, Itticca and Adar…

This is where the world of Evanna was born – an Antediluvian (or Pre-Flood) world that existed after the Creation and the Fall and just before the Great Floods were sent to judge the Earth. Little is written about this time period and perfect for the story that puts great beasts together with half-giants and lost worlds together!

This is the world where the young, powerful energy of Creation is still coursing through the earth – where animals and trees grow big; where people are healthy and live to hundreds of years; where the Mountains and the Valleys of old stand taller, grander, and more green than we can ever see in our lifetime.

It is a world where Creation still remembers its covenant with it Creator – and still respects the stewardship of humankind.

But Evanna’s world is also showing signs of enormous decay – as kingdom rises against kingdom; as humanity inclines towards evil of all kinds; and as life becomes cheap and wars become frequent – a remnant who still remember the Most High fight on, although they declined in numbers they held fast to the worship of the Most High, their Creator. As those faithful were decimated by the evil that grew around them, the Ark was built by one last faithful man and his family. God brought all the creatures two-by-two into the great vessel – young creatures full of life and ready to reproduce after the Floods have receded – in order to preserve all that is good and green on this Earth.

Yes, Blue Scorpion – Last Flight of the Ancients is a story. But perhaps not as mythological as one might believe. Consider the Bible – I reckon it’s got a lot more going for it than rules. Check it out!


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