The Cover Story

If I haven’t already done so, I want to congratulate Ms. Xi Wang – a budding young graduate Graphic Designer for her hard work with the cover design.

While I had very strong ideas and pencil sketches and detailed instructions as to how the cover was meant to look, Xi was the one who brought it to life in a digital format – and really rendered the image to what it looks like now.

When she initially agreed to do the cover design for me, I had in mind the sort of colour usage and semi-realism of the work of Artist Keith Parkinson. I used to own an artbook of his, which I have since lost, but I loved the way Keith rendered humans and dragons and all things fantasy.

However when I instructed Xi on the style of design I was after – Xi took my counsel to heart and researched the work of the artist. As a result, Xi not only commenced a digital work for me, she also did the exact same image in Oil on Canvas. The painting is as beautiful as the digital version, and is now sitting in my dining room waiting to be put up.

So, Xi, thank you for all your hard work. I will add a link to her site a little later, when she is ready for me to do so.


~ by alta6060212 on February 17, 2012.

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