The Matthias Connection – A brief touch on characters

I so named this post because it is a post about Characters and how I have found people around me who influence my writing. Matthias was among the more prominent supporting characters other than Evanna herself, with Endor and Vidar close behind. And so I just picked Matthias cos it had a nice “ring” to the title. No, nothing about Matthias, I’m afraid!

Almost every writer draws from his or her own everyday life, and crafts an piece of art from it. Part of that art might be fictional, part of it might be very real – and in time, everything melds together in the story that develops a nature and a life all of its own.

Some people are off-limits, such as immediate family and the like. They are just too close, a little “sacred” if you like to appropriate into something imagined.

People and their lives are 4-Dimensional; a page is at best, 2-Dimensional. I’m not sure any pen on earth will do another person justice in any case. One person has not only the nature written in their DNA to contend with; but also their nurture, influences, thoughts, worldviews, mindsets, personalities – add onto that circumstances and you have layers and layers of story – just to ONE individual alone. No, no pen can fully capture another life.

A bit tongue-in-cheek, I wrote a disclaimer at the end of my book, stating that all characterisation which resembles someone I know is “accidental” as the characters are all fictional and don’t actually exist in life, so I take no responsibility for any perceived misrepresentation of friends, enemies or acquaintances. While it was said half-jokingly, it actually came about because I was talking to a friend about the plot and the characters and got a question directed at me saying, “So, is so-and-so THIS character?”. The answer of course, is: NO. So-and-so did not exist prior to the time of the Floods of ancient times and nor were they Knights and fighters of a kingdom long lost to memory and time.

Did some of my friends influence characters more than others? You bet! Strong personalities have strong influences. That’s just a fact of life.

Well, I hope this brief post sheds some light on the characters – but perhaps I might post a bit more “Spotlight” posts on certain characters. We’ll see!



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