It has been some time….

It seems that I have allowed life to take over and have not put in an entry since February!!

Hmm… time flies when one is having fun! I have continued to be fairly quiet on the promotion front, perhaps to the bewilderment of many of my friends who knew of this work. But it has certainly not been quiet by any definition of that word!!

Apart from happenings at Church and weddings and parties and working bees and meetings (and some increased time playing SIMS3and ebaying), I have also been undertaking some post-graduate work (Professional Diploma) in Human Resources – it’s fun but writing essays and reports just don’t come as easily as fiction!! >< (and referencing is soooo tedious!!! – apparently one is never allowed to have their own ideas in academia unless you "level up" to a certain point – what idea is original anyway??!). But yes, I am a touch workaholic.

I have been looking at some trial post-card productions. I had sent off a file to Vistaprint and had received back a decent-enough quality of postcards (just to see how they would work). They worked out much cheaper than the other option I was looking at in any case, and if they worked well enough I may just do a reprint.

Well I think I might post something about the plot soon, so stay tuned!!



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