Sir Torias and the Priestess Adeline – Auditors and Accountants of the Antediluvian World

And yes, my reference material for this couple was also a couple – and guess what they did/do!

Every story needed a little bit of romance, and instead of making my main character the subject of conventional romance, I decided to make a fairly prominent supporting character into one instead.

Torias was a difficult one to portray on paper. He had to be complex enough to take on the role at the end, but jovial enough to act as the ‘clown’ for the first part of the story. All in all, Torias was a good man to have around when something needed to be done. Evanna knew that and put him ahead of the column to lead the siege. Ischahalia knew that and put him in charge of the defences.But Torias the incurable romantic would frequently journey into the city to see his beloved.

Adeline was perhaps one of my latest character additions – but possibly one of the most impactful. A timid, mild-mannered Priestess and Healer by training, she was also a studious and diligent person. Hidden by hints and cryptic clues at the beginning, Adeline’s character was not fully revealed until the meet-up point where she declared her bold decision to follow the army in the face  of uncertainty and fear. Her courage, devotion and sense of adventure took her to new grounds and the frontline of the battlefield to become a powerful support to Torias and to Zeina.


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