The Matthias Connection – Sir Matthias

As prominent as this character became in the story, Sir Matthias was in fact, only a very late development in the whole scheme of things.

It all coincided with the arrival on the scene of some new friends (at the time) in 2008 and with Sir Matthias, as in the book, came a host of other characters who came with him. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say, that this friend – who became very dear to our family (hubby and I) – made a huge impact on my writing.

Sir Matthias came onto the scene of the Simasian Palace, where Evanna was already working on the commissioned piece for the Prince. He was inducted as a newly-awarded soldier – a Knight of the Ordinary Order – for his part in defending the Northern Border of Simas. It was the way in which Simas rewarded outstanding soldiers. It was Antediluvian HR in Talent Management and Development.

Sir Matthias however, had entered the story a lot earlier by way of a conversation between Lord Dharius, Sir Endor and Prince Vahan, who mentioned briefly his achievements on the Northern Border while they talked of the situation in Drone. He crossed paths with Evanna when at a dare, he interfered with combat training between her and Sir Bendon. After initial awkward exchanges and mutual appraisal, their mutual service at the Royal Temple, their friendship and their common ground in smith-craft brought them closer together.

Sir Matthias’ energy and sharp-mindedness and perception  and catlike randomness was moderated by his fierce loyalty to his friends and a passionate devotion to the Most High. Unconventional even by Simasian standards, this young knight was to Evanna like a brother she never had. While she had been brought up by her adopted twin brothers Ameyon and Armaraque, over the years they had drifted apart, due to Evanna’s unique position and stubborn personality. He intuitively understood her and as some special friends were able to do with perhaps some of us – he tapped into her frequency. This bond, although intimate, was completely platonic. This allowed for the entrance and brief, sketchy relationship between Zeina and Matthias. Where that led, we are not told.

Perhaps what made Sir Matthias such a prominent character in the end (having started so late and on the side), apart from the force of the chief Reference was the scope of what I was able to do with the character in service to many of the more difficult elements of the story – approaching key scenes from various angles, exploring the various emotions the Evanna was going through from a different perspective – all these things I was not able to do with other, more conventional characters. How did I know? I tried!

So I hope you will enjoy – or have enjoyed (if you have already read it) – this rather strange character 🙂



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