Where does the Music come from?

Music features heavily in this story of Evanna and her adventures. From the half-way hinted mention of Evanna carrying a fife with her at all times and being a “Piper” (or flautist) to the feature picture of the cuatro of Sir Matthias (yes, it is Matthias’ cuatro on the cover!) it is a theme.

Have you ever wondered where the overlaid music that plays over an emotional movie love scene comes from? Why does music move us so? How can a few notes make us dance and laugh and cause us to shed emotional tears?

If I were to be completely purist about it, music consists of varying tones going up and down with different rhythms separating them. If you break down what music is really made of – it really isn’t very exciting at all.

C.S. Lewis once wrote a story about some children who find themselves on a sea-faring voyage on a ship called the Dawn Treader. Eustace, Lucy and Edmund landed on Romandu’s island to discover the man was a “star”. And the “star” said something very telling when Eustace tried to be a smarty-pants and explained that stars were in fact, balls of gases and fire – but responding that while gases and fire may be what stars were made of, that it was not what they were.

I believe the same is with music, a bunch of sounds on a page is what it is made of.

Perhaps we in the scientific era have confused the constitution and make-up of any given object with the identity of the object. In fact, we do it with ourselves. We are more than skin and bones and cells – we call ourselves “human” because we know there is something much bigger, far more majestic – and yet so brittle and fragile and broken.

Next time you hear music, perhaps it would be prudent to stop and reflect on the soul of what you are listening to – what it IS. Perhaps it is a clue to who you are too!


~ by alta6060212 on May 12, 2012.

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