The word spreads…

My stats tell me that it has been some time since I last posted. So I’ll make a short post 🙂 hehe….

I have maintained to date a fairly low profile, and have only recently sent the news of the publication of the “Blue Scorpion – Last Flight of the Ancients” to my old school for their Alumni publication. Friends have been most supportive but I have still kept it quiet.

I have been mulling over the question of when I should step up the promotion and even look into advertising. While I still maintain that God is my main promoter, it does not rule out my looking at where He is opening doors. As I keep my eyes and ears open, I find often that God points out places that I can send a postcard to, or write something to, in order to let people know that such a book exists.

The journey is still on, and it is an adventure to see where God would lead me in this little endeavour. If He gave this story to me to tell, then those who He wants to read it will eventually read it. I have had an awful lot of fun writing this story – almost for myself – and I have decided to share it with the world. I just hope it will be a blessing to others.


~ by alta6060212 on June 11, 2012.

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