Solemn Reminders – Circle of Life

It’s been some months since I’ve last entered something in my blog, but the past few months have been pretty busy for me!
Not only was it end of financial year for us in Australia (and along with that come a train of things that have to be done), things also got somewhat busy at Church and well, I also spent a lot more time in my Sims3 Game…

Confessions aside, I decided to log in and write again because the past few months have also been a time of sharing in pain. Whether it was watching friends go through the pain of cancer, or hearing about losses and death (be they of friends, relatives or beloved companions of the four-legged kind) or suffering the aftermath of injury – they were all solemn reminders of one’s mortality and the transient nature of all things on Earth.

As the old saying goes: “There is nothing certain in life except Death and Taxes”. See, we tend to accept death and loss as a “natural” part of life. We become experts as “getting on with life” and “getting over the loss” that we forget to stop ourselves just to reflect. We are so engrossed in “coping” that we do not ask ourselves “What if this is not the way things were meant to be? What if Death did not need to be?”

These two questions are exactly the purpose of my entry today – the proposition that Death is NOT Natural and that it was NOT intended to be a part of the Original Plan. Perhaps Death only came to be, because we (or our ‘First Parents’ as I worded it, in the opening words of Blue Scorpion – Last Flight of the Ancients) did not trust in the Original Plan and decided to be smart and go our own way – not the way that our Maker designed us. Because of rebellion (the Bible calls this “sin”) we allowed Death to enter all Creation.

The comfort for me is this – that for some, Death has been defeated because the Maker of Life has put Death to death. But only the Maker can fix Death up for us. The Rebellion that left us with a deep debt (damage of all Creation!) that we could not pay: but God made the payment for us, that those who accept that payment on our behalf will receive Life – not just “in the next life” but Life from now onwards.

There is nothing certain in Life – except that Life cannot come from our own hands. The offer is there, will you take it?


~ by alta6060212 on August 10, 2012.

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